• S Murray

    Surrey, 2019

    Do You Fit Reclaimed Parquet Blocks?

    I have some reclaimed parquet flooring blocks with black resin on the back, can you fit them for me?  

    • Mr Sanders

      Installation of reclaimed parquet blocks, particularly those that have been previously fitted using black resin are very difficult to re-use and re-fit. Cleaning the black resin residue is difficult and time consuming and therefore it makes the whole process very expensive.

      As our fitting services come with service guarantee and we cannot be sure of the durability of reclaimed parquet blocks, we do not provide this service. Also, bear in mind that installation of reclaimed parquet flooring may not result in a smooth and uniform appearance which you get with new parquet blocks.

      Should you consider parquet floor installation of new, rather than reclaimed blocks, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to help and provide a free quotation.