• P Starling

    Watford, 2019

    Can you Repair Blobs on My Recently Varnished Wooden Floors?

    I recently sanded and varnished my wooden floors myself. I then noticed some blobs appearing and I am not sure how to repair this?

    • Mr Sanders

      Wood floor restoration often looks easier than done and therefore may people try to do it themselves. Unfortunately, this does not always result with the desired effect, as it requires significant skills and knowledge to avoid situations like yours. The appearance of blobs might be a result of not sufficient and perfect bonding between the different coats of varnish or between the first coat of floor varnish and the timber. This sometimes happens if the floors had not been perfectly sanded to a very smooth finish before the application of varnish or when the previous sealant was not completely sanded down before the new varnish was applied. The only solution for wooden floors repairs in such circumstances we would recommend is to re-sand and re-varnish the floors again to ensure a smooth sanded surface and a proper application of the coats of varnish on top, ideally done by a professional flooring company to avoid this happening again. However, you need to ensure that your floors have sufficient remaining solid wood top layer to allow for additional sanding to take place.

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