• R Johnson

    Dagenham, 2019

    Can You Restore Engineered Wood Flooring by Clean and Polish?

    I have engineered wood flooring with several scratches on it, I am not confident it can be sanded as it has already been restored once in the past. Can you clean and polish to restore its shine and avoid sanding?



    • Mr Sanders

      Engineered wood flooring is available in various thicknesses of the top layer, ranging between 3mm and 6mm, which defines its sanding potential.  As your floors have already been sanded once, if your flooring has the thinner top layer there might be a limited opportunity to sand it again.

      As you mention that your floors are in a bad condition with several scratches, cleaning and polishing might not be applicable. This is a service that is used to maintain the existing sealant before it is badly damaged and worn out in order to extend its life until another sanding is required. Unless this is done before the condition of the flooring gets really bad, and before the sealant is actually worn out, it is not recommended. Cleaning and polishing is done to apply an extra coat of sealant, where the new coat bonds to the existing varnish and not to the bare wood. If the existing sealant has disappeared, then a proper sanding and re-varnishing will be required.