• W Tucker

    Bormley, 2019

    How can I Do a Whitewashed Finish on My Wooden Floors?


    I have engineered wood flooring in my bedroom which had whitewashed effect. In some areas there are patches where the whitewashed effect has completely gone and I can see the original wood colour coming through. I am not sure how to achieve the hitewashed effect?

    • Mr Sanders

      You can achieve a durable whitewashed effect on your engineered wood flooring with both lacquers and oil-based products if you choose the right product and apply it properly. The choice of lacquer or oil will define the final appearance and therefore, you need to be aware of the different potential results.

      Achieving white wash effect with the use of floor varnish will result in a more uniform colour. This can be done by either by mixing a white colourant with a clear varnish or by applying white stain on the sanded floors, followed by the application of multiple coats of clear floor varnish on top. For our floor restoration projects where staining to whitewashed finish is required, we use "Bona Create Ice" stain, followed by the application of three coats of water based Bona Mega Varnish, which comes in matt, satin and gloss finishes.

      If you decide to use oil-based products to get the whitewashed effect, then bear in mind that this will result in less uniform appearance where the natural grain of the timber will appear brighter than the rest of the floorboards as the oil be better absorbed there. There are several pre-coloured white oils that you can use by Osmo or Blanchon.

      We hope that this helps.