• Craig

    Twickenham , 2022

    Can recently installed engineered wood flooring by removed and re-laid again?


    I had an engineered wood floor fitted as a floating floor using a click system last year but it wasn’t fitted very well as the floor doesn’t seem to be level so it moves and creaks a lot. I think this is because the fitters just laid it on the existing floor boards with underlay without levelling the floor with ply or anything first.

    Do you offer a service to lift, prepare and re-lay existing flooring? The flooring is across two rooms - hallway and kitchen-diner totalling approx 30m2.


    • Mr Sanders

      Hi Craig,

      I assume the flooring was fitted with a floating installation (over underlay), as after a glue-down installation this would not be possible at all.

      To be able to answer what amount of the flooring can be salvaged and reused, we would need to know if the planks are tongue-and-groove or click system.

      On a click-system floating installation the plank would not normally require use of any glue, and most of the flooring can be salvaged. But, tongue-and-groove flooring is glued between the planks and none of the planks should be used after removal, because the residue of adhesive in the groove will prevent new planks to slot in properly.

      I guess approx. 70% of the flooring on click system plank can be reused if carefully disassembled, but this really depends on various factors.

      Subfloor preparation should be an essential part of a site survey and if proper assessment of the subfloor level is not possible (covered by another flooring or furniture), an initial indication of cost as always handy for the client.