Questions about Wood Floor Sanding

  • Tom

    Hackney, London, 2022

    Can an engineered wood flooring with underfloor heating be sanded?

    Hi, Can you sand san engineered wood floor with underfloor heating already installed?...

  • FloorWorks

    London, 2019

    Is It Possible to Sand Engineered Wood Flooring

    A question we receive regularly over the phone, prior to booking a site visit....

  • R Zane

    Bedford, 2019

    What is the Best Sealant for Solid Oak Floors?

    I have oak solid oak flooring, which I want to restore. Would you recommend sealing it with varnish or oil?...

  • Z Stewart

    Camden, 2019

    Can You Sand Bamboo Flooring?

    Is it possible to sand and varnish bamboo flooring?...

  • D Willis

    Westminster, 2019

    Can You Replace Damaged Pine Floobroards?

    I have original Victorial pine wooden flooring with some damaged floorboards. Is it possible to replace them and can you supply matching reclaimed planks? ...

  • N Stuart

    London, 2019

    What Is Gap Filling and How is It Done?

    What exactly is involved in the process of gap filling and strip filling?...