• FloorWorks

    London, 2019

    Is It Possible to Sand Engineered Wood Flooring

    A question we receive regularly over the phone, prior to booking a site visit.

    • Mr Sanders

      Engineered floors can be sanded and the restoration process is done in the same way as hardwood or parquet floor sanding, allowing you to remove deeper dents and scratches and to renew the floor’s appearance. However, sanding engineered wood flooring should always be approached with extra care, because it is only the top layer of solid wood that is sandable, rather the whole plank. Therefore, before you do any works on engineered floors, you need to make sure that the top layer is at least 3mm thick to avoid any unrepeatable damages. You can do this by looking at anywhere the engineered floor, for instance, underneath the door threshold strips or around radiator pipes. There are some engineered wood products with only 1mm thick top layers, and they cannot be sanded. In addition, you also need to check whether the floor has been sanded previously. So, after verifying or confirming the floor being sanded before, the veneer will look much thinner than it was originally. The other important factor to consider is the damage level of the floor.

      We strongly advise you to employ a professional floor sanding company for your engineered floor restoration rather than trying to do it yourself because if you do not have the required skills and knowledge, you can easily damage the floorboards and you might end up having to replace the floors all together.