• N Stuart

    London, 2019

    What Is Gap Filling and How is It Done?

    What exactly is involved in the process of gap filling and strip filling?

    • Mr Sanders

      Gap Filling is a method that uses a mixture of clear resin and saw dust, which is collected from the sanding process and is used to fill in the gaps between the floorboards or between the parquet blocks. It is a very common services that often goes along with floorboards restoration and parquet floor sanding services. Sometimes, bigger gaps appear between the wooden planks and they require the use of wooden strips to be filled. This is called strip filling.

      Gap Filling with the Use of Resin Filler

      Using resign filler which is combined with saw dust and then applied over gaps between flooring planks is the most common type of gap filling. While it is often effective in creating a smooth finish and improving draught insulation, it is important to note that it is not always the most durable and reliable method. The durability of the gap filling is highly dependent on the type of the flooring as well as the type and the stability of the subfloors. Thicker floors and those with a tongue and groove installation systems tend to hold the gap filling mixture more effectively compared to thinner floorboards. One of the most common reasons for gap filling falling through is a movement of the supporting joists, which causes movement of the boards and hence affects the gap filler. Therefore, when we do gap filling, we always make sure that any loose floorboards are well secured to improve the stability of the floors. Nevertheless, there is little we can do about the stability of the joists and therefore gap filling is excluded from our Service Guarantee.

      What is Strip Filling?

      Strip filling is a gap filling method which is applied to cover wider gaps. The gap filling mixture uses small pine slivers to create a more durable and reliable filling. However, strip filling can only be used to cover some wider gaps, but we would not recommend the application of strip filling throughout and entire area as this would create an undesired visual effect.