Upholstery Cleaning Service

Revive your fabric or leather sofas and get your curtains cleaned by professional upholstery cleaning service

Fabric & Leather Sofa Cleaning

Our fabric sofa cleaning goes with our most effective deep cleaning method - steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction method. Cleaning is needed every once in a while regardless of whether you have only a armchair in your home, or you own a restaurant or maintain a community building whether chairs are used by many people. The truth is that dirt and bacteria are easily accumulated on chairs and this may cause many health problems apart from the aesthetic aspect and appearance of odours attributed to having dirty sofas and armchairs.

Our service comes with stain removal. It is almost impossible to avoid different stains appearing on your upholstery when your kids or pets are playing around. You might want to try different stain removal procedures yourself. However, if you use inappropriate stain removal chemicals or materials you may easily transform your stain from one small spot into a permanent stain, which will be impossible to remove even by a professional service.

Our leather sofa cleaning is done by a application of various leather restoration products and requires a lot of manual work. As a natural material, leather is very sensitive to spillages. Depending on the type of leather, stains can penetrate to a different level. In any case, if left untreated for a long time, or if inappropriate leather cleaning method is applied, your leather Sofa can be damaged irreversibly.

Curtains Cleaning

Our technicians will first inspect the fabric of the curtains in order to choose the most suitable cleaning materials and the most effective cleaning method. We offer professional curtains cleaning services for a variety of different fabrics.

Curtains cleaning is a very delicate task and can take hours of your time if you decide to do it yourself. Unintentionally you might even damage your curtains if you are not very well aware of the specific curtains cleaning materials required. Why not leave the curtain cleaning work to the professional cleaners and rest assured that your curtains are in safe hands.

Let us astonish you with our professional curtains cleaning services.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is something we consider once in a while for every home especially when we are expecting visitors. Left uncleaned for a long time, mattresses may hold unpleasant and harmful things like dust particles, dust mites, microorganisms, dead skin and odours.

Dust mites are present in every home, no matter how clean the property is and it is very difficult to get rid of them entirely. Although they inhabit carpets, upholstery and even soft toys, the largest number of dust mites is usually found in your mattresses. However, our regular mattress cleaning service can and help control them.

Change regularly your bed sheets and book periodic deep mattress cleaning with Floorworks for thorough mattress sanitisation.