QuickStep Engineered Flooring Installation

Quick-Step is a market leader and an innovation pioneer in the design and production of high quality engineered and laminate wood flooring. QuickStep flooring is designed and produced with the ultimate quality and durability in mind, delivering bespoke flooring options with both elegant appearance an exceptional scratch resistance due to their ScratchGuard Technology. QuickStep is also famous for producing a huge range of colours and finishes in both laminates and engineered wood flooring with an unique and easy installation system - Uniclic locking system.

QuickStep Floor Fitting Process

At FloorWorks we are proud to offer floor fitting services for all QuickStep engineered wood and Laminate products. We have done many QuickStep fitting projects and we are well aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications for achieving the best results and ultimate durability. All QuickStep engineered and laminate products are installed as floating using the Uniclic locking system. This also makes them perfect for installation over underfloor heating. Although it is relatively easy to install QuickStep products, there are some very important aspects to take into account that require specific skills and knowledge in order to achieve the best and long-lasting results.


Prior to the engineered wood installation, it is important to leave the flooring in the room where it is to be fitted for at least 48 to ensure that the wood is acclimatised to the local environment such as temperature and the humidity. When acclimatizing the engineered floor needs to be left in its original packaging.

Subfloor Levelling

Our fitting process always begins with ensuring that the level and the condition of the subfloor are perfect to allow for the wood to be installed on top. Subfloor levelling and insulation fitting is often required to ensure that the wooden flooring is well protected from any potential moisture and that it is stable and even. QuickStep offers a full range of underlays with various insulation capacities which have proven to be very efficient in moisture and sound insulation.

Floor Fitting

Once the subfloor is perfectly levelled and well insulated, the engineered or laminate flooring is then fitted on top, allowing sufficient gap between the floor and the walls for the natural expansion of the wood. This is particularly important to engineered wood products as the natural wood is very respondent to variations in moisture levels and it naturally expands and contracts. This expansion gap is later covered with the use of matching flooring accessories such as skirting boards or beadings. QuickStep offers a full range of matching accessories for all of their flooring products, so whatever your taste, rest assured that your expectations will be met with our QuickStep installation service.