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  • FloorWorks

    London, 2019

    Is It Possible to Sand Engineered Wood Flooring

    A question we receive regularly over the phone, prior to booking a site visit....

  • M Logan

    Romford, 2019

    Can You Use Reclaimed Parquet Blocks to Replace Fireplace Heart?

    I have parquet flooring in my house, which needs some repairs and sanding. In the living room we have a fireplace heart which needs to be removed and replaced with parquet blocks matching the flooring...

  • N Hamilton

    Romford, 2019

    Can You Install Parquet Flooring Over Underfloor Heating?

    I am thinking if installing parquet flooring in my house, but I am not sure if I can have underfloor heating under it?...

  • R Trent

    Barking, 2019

    Can You Restore 3-Strip Engineered Wood Flooring?

    I have 3-strip engineered oak flooring which desperately needs sanding. It is currently lacquered, but I was wondering if it can be sanded and oiled instead?...

  • G Lacey

    Bromley, 2019

    Can I Stain My Wooden Stairs?

    Is it possible to change the colour of my wooden stairs or is this something that is only done on wooden floors?...