Floorboards Repairs

Floorboards repairsWooden flooring brings luxury and warmth to any home. However, it requires regular maintenance and floorboards restoration to keep its magnificent appearance and strength. Nevertheless, even well maintained floors are sometimes subject to accidents and therefore wood floor repairs are often required.

The good news is that most wooden floorings can be repaired and restored. At FloorWorks we have been providing wood floor repairs for many years and we know the specific requirements for the different types of floorings. Floorboards replacement is often needed as part of the wood floor repair service to replace damaged floorboards with new or reclaimed boards. Replacement of pine floorboards is something that we do on regular bases and we know that there are different types of pine floorings. We also know that pine tends to change its natural colour over time, so when we supply reclaimed floorboards, we always aim to match not only the size of the board, but also its age and colour. By doing this we make sure that the replaced boards fit perfectly with your flooring and result in an uniform and smooth appearance.

Devote your floor repairs needs to FloorWorks and see for yourself that wood floor restoration can indeed be mess free and hassle free. We have the needed skills and knowledge to repair wooden floors. We also know that some floors may have reached the end of their life and if that is the case, we can provide free quotations for wood floor replacement where floors are badly damaged beyond repair. However, this is rarely the case and we would only advice on this if there is no other alternative.

 restoration of old floorboards