Flooring Services for Schools

Dust-free wood floor sanding services for schools and universities

new wood flooring in a school sport hallFloorWorks is a leading school wood floor restoration company providing superior floor sanding and fitting services across London and beyond. 

School floors sanding require peculiar care and attention as they receive a particularly large amount of traffic. Because school and other educational buildings are almost always in use, their wooden floors are rarely properly and regularly maintained, leading to significant damages and ware.

Bespoke & Flexible School Floor Sanding

Over the years, we have worked with many schools, universities and other institutions to help them restore their beautiful wooden floors, whether school sports halls or wooden floors in school rooms and offices. We know that many school floor restoration projects require forward planning as they often happen out of office hours and overnight. This is to ensure a minimal or no disruption to the normal school operation while we sand and varnish the school wooden floors. Restoring the school floors with FloorWorks is not only hassle free, but it also comes with a service guarantee, which ensures outstanding results at an affordable price. 

Durable and Hard-Wearing Commercial Floor Sealing

restoration of a school wood floorWe also know that school wooden floors restoration requires significant organisation and therefore our main aim is to deliver not only outstanding, but also long-lasting results so that school users can enjoy their beautiful wooden floors for many years before another sanding is required. Therefore, we only use commercial grade hard-wearing varnishes such as Bona Traffic or Junckers HP Commercial to seal the floors once they have been sanded to a smooth finish. In addition, we always use specific wood floor finished for sports halls, which are particularly designed to withstand the high level of traffic and use. Most sports halls have Junckers flooring and therefore, we would normally finish those with Junckers Sport finishes or Bona Traffic AntiSlip.

Choosing FloorWorks for your school wooden floor restoration or floor fitting projects means that your floors will be restored by professionals who have the experience, the skills, and the appropriate dust free sanding machinery as well as exceptional knowledge of the wood floor sealing products to deliver excellent result at affordable price.

Whatever your wood floor sanding needs, contact us for free advice or book a free site visit and let us astonish you.

Highlights From Our Floor Work

Floor Sanding & Sport Lines in School
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