LVT Flooring Installation

We install luxury vinyl tiles in glue-down and floating plank or herringbone patterns

What is LVT flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring has surged in popularity thanks to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. One of the key factors contributing to its widespread adoption is the ease of installation and durability. LVT flooring comes in click system planks, designed for convenient quick installation and for areas with less traffic. The glue-down version of the product is designed for commercial areas.

Our LVT flooring installation services comes with our standard Floorworks® Guarantee.

Preparation and Planning

Before diving into the installation, thorough preparation is essential. Start by carefully measuring the room to determine the amount of flooring needed. Additionally, inspect the subfloor for any imperfections or moisture issues that need addressing before installation. Ensure the subfloor is clean, level, and dry to create a solid foundation for the LVT flooring.

Subfloor Preparation

LVT flooring is durable, but a quite thin flooring product, which requires adequate subfloor preparation before the installation. Preparing concrete subfloor with smoothing compound to remove cracks, bumps, or uneven areas or by laying plywood over timber subfloors, is essential consideration for this type of flooring. This in the general case increase the cost of installation. Depending on the type of subfloor, we may also need to apply a liquid moisture barrier or DPM underlayment to provide additional protection for the flooring and room environment.

Layout & Pattern for Your LVT Flooring

Our team will help you choose the layout of the LVT planks, considering factors such as the room's dimensions, natural light sources, and traffic patterns. We aim to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement, taking care to stagger the joints for a more seamless appearance. Our floor fitters will often dry-fit the planks without adhesive to ensure the pattern looks cohesive and fits the space correctly.


We start the LVT flooring installation usually from furthest (or highest) point and going towards to main entrance. For glue-down installation we will start by applying adhesive to the subfloor using a trowel, following the manufacturer's instructions. We will test the first row of LVT planks along the starting wall, ensuring they are snugly pressed against each other and the wall. 

Our fitters will continue installing subsequent rows of planks, making sure for floating installation they interlock the tongue and groove edges securely. We use a tapping block and rubber mallet to ensure tight seams and proper alignment. Trim the last row of planks to fit using a utility knife or saw as needed.

Installation of Flooring Accessories

Once all the planks are installed, we must allow the adhesive (if applicable) to cure according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We will install transition strips or moldings around doorways, edges, and transitions to provide a finished look and protect the edges of the flooring.

Clean-Up & Disposal of Old Flooring

Our team will clean up any adhesive residue or debris from the LVT floor installation process and inspect the floor for any remaining imperfections. We can provide advice for maintenance and cleaning to ensure the longevity and beauty of your newly installed LVT flooring.

Floorworks provides an optional Lift & disposal service for your old carpets, laminate floioring or hardwood floors, to help with your property remodeling project.

Why Choose LVT Flooring?

LVT floorind is water resistant product, provides good slip resistance and is one of the most durable flooring products. These advantages makes this product a good choice for kitchen areas, bathrooms, premises with high-traffic, like retail spaces and food establishments.

Although technologies and manufacturing tehniques constantly improves, due to the core material of this flooring product it remains a practical solution rather a flooring product that brings a natural touch to the enviornment.