Wood Floor Repairs

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Wood Floor Repairs

Wood floor repairs, moisture & leaks damage

Wood floor repairs is one of our most common services, which often accompanies wider wood floor restoration projects. Wooden floors are often damaged by leakages from appliances or other sources of moisture or scratched by moving or installing new furniture. We can help with floor repairs and scratch repairs on variety of floors, including parquet flooring, engineered flooring, laminates and repairs of original pine floorboards or any other solid wood flooring. Our floor repairs services are available to both residential and commercial wooden floors for home owners, businesses and insurance companies.  

Pine floorboards repairs

Repairs of pine floorboards is one of the most common types of wood floor repairs that we do. This is mainly due to the fact that in the past, pine floorboards were often covered by other types of floor coverings, such as carpets and when owners decide to restore them, it is quite difficult to predict and assess the extent of damage on floors that are hidden under carpets. In any case, when it comes to floorboards restoration, we always come prepared for wood floor repairs as well. We can supply reclaimed and seasoned pine floorboards from reclaimed yards to match your existing floorboards. Our customers often request floorboards staining service with their wood floor restoration, which brings the floors to an uniform colour and appearance.

Parquet floor repairs

As a leading parquet floor restoration company, we offer bespoke parquet repair service, including refitting of any loose parquet blocks. We can supply reclaimed parquet blocks, matching the size, colour and appearance of your floors in order to replace blocks that are damaged beyond repair. Whether your parquet floor is oak, teak or merbau timber in herringbone, chevron or any other pattern, including mosaic finger panels, we can repair and restore it. Once repaired, we will sand and varnish or oil your precious parquet floors to restore their shine and beauty.

Common Problems

Likely causes

Floorworks™ Services

Damaged blocks and / or missing parquet blocks

  • History of electrical, plumbing works or other building works.

  • Removing walls or fireplace hearths.

  • Damage from water leaks

  • Supply of reclaimed parquet blocks is available and we will do our best to match as close as possible with your own flooring. Blocks may need to be sized up before adhering them with suitable adhesives to the sub-floor, preserving the existing pattern.

  • If concrete has been used to patch up, instead of replacing the blocks we can remove the concrete and in-fill with matching blocks.

Loose parquet blocks

  • Damage from water leaks

  • General wear and tear

  • Failure of the bitumen used as adheisve

  • Issues with solidness of the sub-floor

  • We will remove the affected loose area parquet blocks; clean the underside surface of bitumen before reaffixing the blocks securely using suitable adhesives.

  • I most cases the substrate is not the cause however if this is suspected then we will fully investigate the cause and advise accordingly.

Gaps between blocks

  • Natural expansion and contraction due to modern central heating.

  • Water damage

  • We will fill the gaps with sand from the sanding process mixed with a cellulose hardener; then fill any large gaps – usually more than 2mm.

Uneven or raised parquet flooring

  • Damaged or eroded substrate.

  • Under floor ground movement.

  • Flooding or changes to ground water table levels.

  • We will lift the effected sections of parquet blocks; then remove the damaged areas of substrate; renew and level the substrate before finally relaying the parquet blocks.

General poor appearance including scratches, stains and boards and lacking in definition.

  • Previously badly prepared and sanded

  • Existing seals are inappropriate and obscure the wood.

  • General wear and tear

  • We will sand the parquet floor using specialist orbital sanding equipment to prevent scratches to the surface; finally the floor will be coated with 3 coats of high quality lacquer.

  • Note: The use of inappropriate sanding machinery will cause damage to the parquet as the parquet is laid at angles and only suitable machinery should be employed.

Parquet floor is difficult to clean and maintain

  • Incorrect or lack of floor protection.

  • We will sand and lacquer the floor as above.

Cork expansion strip used on perimeter is missing or damaged

  • Wear and tear etc.

  • Cork acts as an expansion joint allowing the parquet to contract and expand. We will replace any missing areas of cork.

Wooden floors scratch repair

Scratches often appear on wooden floors even if you are extra careful and especially if you have pets at home or caused by high hills and moving furniture. At FloorWorks we offer wood floor scratch repair for all types of flooring, including parquet, engineered and solid wood. Minor scratches, which have damaged the floor sealant, but have not affected the timber are easier to repair. Repairing larger and deeper scratches, also called gouges, are trickier and may require the replacement of the floorboard or the parquet block. The scratch repair technique that we use depends not only on the extend of the damage, but also on whether your floors are varnished or oiled. It is much easier to repair scratches on oiled floors as they allow for local manual sanding and re-oiling. Lacquered floors cannot be partially sanded, however, we can use scratch repair fillers to mask the damage.

Floorboards & parquet flooring gap filling

Wood floor repairs almost always involves the process of gap filling. This is always done after the replacement of damaged floorboards  and once all loose floorboards have been secured and refitted. Gap filling is then performed with the use of wood floor resin, which is carefully mixed with the fine saw dust from the sanding process to create a mixture with identical to your flooring colour. This mixture is placed between the floorboards to fulfil the gaps and to create a smooth and uniform look. Gap filling also goes with parquet floor repairs, where the gap filling mixture is distributed to complete the gaps between the parquet blocks.

Fireplace hearth removal and replacement

We supply reclaimed & seasoned pine floorboards

Wood floor repairs often require the removal of existing fireplace hearts and replacing them with wooden flooring. This is a very regular thing that we do and while it may look complicated for someone who is not in the floor restoration branch, it is actually a job that we carry out with pleasure.

Fireplace hear replacement means that once the existing fireplace heart is removed, we would supply and install wood floor planks or parquet blocks to cover the gap. We do this with particular care in order to ensure uniform appearance at the end. For this purpose, we would supply reclaimed pine floorboards or reclaimed parquet blocks which have similar size and colour to the planks on your floors and we will re-stitch them in the same pattern as the rest of your flooring, so that no one will ever be able to notice the difference. Your floors will look as if a fireplace heart has never been there before.

Once floorboards or parquet blocks are fitted, the whole floor is then sanded to a smooth finish and sealed with clear hardwearing varnish or hard-wax oil. Should staining be required to change the natural colour of the timber, it is done after the sanding and before the sealing process.

Why choose Floorworks for your flooring repairs?

With many years of experience in wood floor repairs of many residential and commercial floors across London and beyond, we take pride in our work. We have the knowledge and skills to transform a damaged and worn out floor into fabulous flooring that looks as magnificent as newly laid floors.

More importantly, we take a personal approach to our projects. This means that once you dedicate your flooring needs to us, we take this with an exceptional responsibility and we consider your floors to be our floors, not just one of the many projects that we do – but yet another customer who has placed their trust in us. Therefore, we take particular care and we conduct the floor restoration and wood floor repairs project as if these were our floors. By having this working ethics, we do anything that is possible, we apply the best available floor sanding and sealing products and we use the most professional and dust extracting sanding technology to ensure that the final result of our work will be no less than excellent and would exceed not just yours, but our own expectations as well.

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