Wood Floor Staining

Create your perfect interior with unlimited colour possibilities for your floors

Sanding & Staining Hardwood in Dark Oak StainStaining or dying of wooden floors is the process of changing the natural colour of the floor boards of parquet blocks to achieve the desired interior outcome. It is a floor restoration technique which is applicable to any type of wooden floor, including parquet blocks, solid wood flooring, engineered floors and pine floorboards and it is often done together with other wood floor repairs works. There is a huge pallet of colours available on the market today and choosing the perfect colour might be a difficult task. It should also be noted that the final outcome of staining will highly depend not only the type of flooring and the type of timber, but also on the age of your floors. For example, the same type of stain may deliver different results if it is applied on newly installed oak floorings as compared to oak flooring that has been there for many years. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, we always provide samples of various stains on your particular floors once they have been sanded. By doing this, we give you the opportunity to see exactly how particular colours will appear on your floors and make your informed decision.

FloorWorks uses only high quality fast drying wood floor staining from leading manufacturers like Morrells Stains and Bona's oil-based Create Stains palette of colours. There are many stain options for wooden floors including Jacobean Oak, Dark Oak, Natural Mahogany, Rosewood, Light Oak, Antique Pine and many more. A very popular choice of staining in many contemporary homes and offices today are the grey and white stains on wooden floors.

Staining is compatible with both lacquered and oiled floors, however the type of sealant will often determine the type of floor stain that would be recommended. For example, varnished floors would normally be stained with water based stains such as Morells stains and then sealed with several coats of clear varnish on top, while oiled floors can be sealed with pre-coloured hardwax oil such as Osmo coloured oils.

Some Popular Light Fast Stains for Lacquer

Light-fast wood floor stains from Morrells

Some Popular Oil Based Colours

stone effect oiled finish
weathered oak oiled finish
white oiled oak flooring
charcoal oiled finish - rubio monocoat
chocolate oiled finish - rubio monocoat
dark oak oiled finish - osmo

Staining Pine Floorboards

Staining pine floorboards is often something that goes with the pine floorboards restoration process. Because pine is soft wood, it is perfect for staining as the stain soaks into the timber creating a rich and beautiful appearance of the new colour. Due to its grain similarity with other species, pine easily resembles walnut, oak and teak, after application of wood floor staining.

Staining Solid Oak Flooring

Oak floors are also easy to stain. While the natural oak colour is magnificent without the need of any additional colour, many homeowners today decide to go for the staining of their oak floors to achieve a more vibrant and contemporary look of their homes.
Staining oak wood can be performed on any type of flooring, including staining oak flooring, engineered oak flooring and oak parquet flooring.

Staining Engineered Oak Flooring

Staining of engineered oak flooring is a service that can be applied when floor sanding takes place. While it is something that many people decide to do just to change the colour of their engineered wood floors, it is also often done to camouflage some imperfections on the floor. Because engineered flooring comes with only a top layer of natural wood, it has a limited sanding capacity. The thinner engineered flooring products which come with 3-4 mm of top layer might be trickier to sand and sometimes unevenness in the level of the floors or the planks may cause in some areas the top layer to be sanded deeper than other areas. This may result in the appearance of some areas where only a small amount of the top layer is left after the sanding process. Staining in such cases is often a solution which may cover this imperfection an hence contribute to achieving uniform and smooth floor appearance.

Do You Own Maple Flooring? Read Below...

While many people choose maple flooring because of its beautiful creamy colour, some customers request sating of their maple floors. This is often because they want to change their interiors and bring a whole new look of their floors. However, staining of maples flooring should always be approached with an extreme care because maple is highly absorbent and careful selection of the stain is required.


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Staining in Whitewash / Nordic Tone
Floor Sanding & Staining in Walnut Colour
Staining in Whitewash with Bona White
Staining Parquet Flooring in Brown Mahogany

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