Engineered Floors Sanding

Engineered Floor SandingEngineered floors can be sanded several times, depending on the thickness of their solid wood top layer. Restoring your engineered wood floor is affordable and less costly than replacing it, while at the same time achieving the same magnificent appearance of new floors. A beautifully refinished engineered wood floor will become a valuable asset of your home or business property.

Why Get a Flooring Company for Your Engineered Floor Restoration?

While sanding solid wood floors may be something that you can try and do yourselves, we would definitely recommend leaving the restoration of engineered wood to a professional flooring company like FloorWorks. Engineered wood products have limited sanding potential and unless done by professionals, there is a high risk that the top layer of solid wood can be sanded down and the whole floor damaged.

We offer bespoke engineered floor sanding services which always take into consideration the remaining natural wood layer. Gently removing the existing sealant, followed by and re-varnishing with multiple coats of strong and durable lacquers or re-oiling with hard wax oils ensures outstanding appearance and ultimate timber protection.

Engineered Floor Staining

Staining engineered floors is also possible, but only applicable to products with thicker top layers to ensure even and uniform appearance.

Engineered Flooring Maintenance & Care

Finally, because engineered floors can only be restored limited times, it is essential that they are regularly maintained by cleaning and polishing for varnished floors or buffing and re-oiling for those finished with oil to prolong the time until another sanding is required.