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Original Floorboards Sanding - Victorian Floorboards Restoration

Floorboards sanding of the original pine floorboards is one of the most common sanding services that we deliver with exceptional delight to our customers. While many pine floors were often covered with carpets in the past, floorboards restoration has become increasingly popular in the past 15 years. This is not only because home owners have realised the extraordinary beauty and charm that sanded pine floorboards bring, but also because floor sanding technologies and techniques have evolved allowing the restoration from old, damaged and dull floorboards and bringing their life and shine back. 

Why Restore Your Pine Floorboards?

Pine floorboards repairs, sanding & restoration

Pine flooring can be a beautiful asset to any property. Restored pine floorboards bring with them not just the warmth of the natural wood, but also a magnificent charm and beauty. However, because pine is a soft wood, it tends to wear off with time and unless a proper care is taken, it can be irreversibly damaged. The good news is that even damaged pine floors can nowadays be easily repaid. Many reclaimed yards today offer good quality reclaimed pine floorboards, which makes it possible for professional floor restoration companies such as FloorWorks to supply and replace any damaged boards on your floors. However, we always do pine floorboards repairs and replacement with extreme care because we know that pine tends to change in colour over time and therefore, we supply similar in size, but also similar in age pine reclaimed floorboards for your floor repairs. By doing this, we ensure that once sanded the floorboards will have a smooth and uniform appearance and the newly installed boards will beautifully bend with your floors.

Gap Filling Floorboards

An essential part of the restoration process is the floorboards gap filling. Floorboards, particularly those that have been installed many years ago often experience movement coming from the supporting joists as well as movement from the natural contraction and expansion of the pine timber. As a result, it is often the case that various gaps would appear between the boards. Don’t panic! FloorWorks has the ultimate solution – gap filling is the process of creating a paste like substance by mixing clear wood floor raisin with the fine saw dust collected during the sanding process and using this to fill in the smaller gaps between your pine floorboards. Should there bi some wider gaps, where this method of gap filling might not be very effective, we can also provide strip filling, where gaps are filled by small slivers mixed with wood floor adhesive. 

Original pine floorboards restored and repaired

Filling the gaps on floorboards is also contributes to the energy efficiency of any home as it significantly reduces the draft income. 

Nevertheless, it should be noted that gap filling is sometimes subject of flaw due to movement in the supporting joists or movement of the boards. Because this is unfortunately something that we cannot control, gap filling is excluded from our service guarantee.

Many of our floorboards repair projects also involve the process of floorboards staining. Because pine is a soft wood, this makes it more absorbent and perfect for staining. Also, pine floorboards tend to have a more rustic and vibrant appearance once sanded, so home owners who want to achieve a more uniform look do this by the process of staining.  At FloorWorks we offer a huge variety of colours to meet any requirements and needs for your floors. We would always provide samples of various colours on your sanded pine floorboards to ensure that once applied throughout the floors you will be happy firth the new colour of your floors.  

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