Dust-free Wood Floor Sanding

Dust-free wood floor sanding services for parquet, engineered & solid wood flooring

Sanding & Sealing Commercial Grade LacquersSanding wooden floors is a delicate craft which takes many years of experience to master. It also requires a real passion and careful attention to details in order to be properly done.

At FloorWorks we are proud of our floor sanding services, which are delivered by only well trained and highly experienced floor sanding craftsmen who love what they do. We strongly believe that our great success in floor sanding and our reputation of a leading floor sanding provider in London is not only due to the many recommendations from satisfied customers that we have received over the years, but also because we genuinely love sanding floors.

We are well aware that choosing a reliable floor sanding company is not an easy task, mainly because you place huge trust in someone else to restore something as precious to you as your floors. We realise this and we take the responsibility very seriously. That is one of the reasons why over the years many we homes, businesses, schools, churches and pubs and other commercial owners have relied on us to renovated their floors. We take a great pride in our work and our mission is to always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Dust Free Hardwood & Floorboards Sanding

All our floor restoration services are performed with the use of dust-free sanding equipment by leading manufacturers such as Bona Belt Sanders. This ensures that your home is well protected from dust while the floorings are sanded. Any dust produced from the sanding process is captured and collected in specifically designed isolated dust bags and it is then carefully disposed off, leaving no trace of dust in your property.

Whether it is hardwood floor sanding, parquet or pine floor boards restoration, FloorWorks can do it dust-free and mess-free to provide you with an overall enjoyable experience. Floor repairs are also often needed for most floor restoration projects. This is particularly the case when sanding original pine floorboards or parquet blocks, as they may have been there for many years before the restoration process. Therefore, we will always check the floors and conduct any necessary wood floor repairs, including replacement of damaged floorboards or parquet blocks with reclaimed ones in matching size and age.

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Our Choice of Brands for Floor Finishes - Lacquers & Oils

Sanding & Sealing Commercial Grade Lacquers

Gap Filling

Part of the floor restoration service is also the process of gap filling, especially when it comes to floorboards and parquet renovation. The gap filling involves the stuffing of the space between the individual floorboards with a paste made from mixing clear wood floor raisin with sawdust. By using the fine sawdust from the sanding of your floors, we can achieve a gap filling paste that has the same colour as your floorboards.

Wood Floor Staining

Wood floor sanding is also often accompanied by the process of floor staining, which involved the changing of the colour of your flooring with the use of specific wood colouring days, also called stains. An important element of the floor staining process is that ready to use stains will appear differently on different floors, even if they are from the same type of timber. This is the case because the end result from the staining process will depend not only on the type of the flooring and the type of the stain, but also on the age of the timber. Therefore, at FloorWorks we can showcase samples of different stains made on your floors so that you can be sure of how it will look after the stain is applied throughout the whole area.

The final stage of any floor restoration process is the sealing of the newly sanded floors. Choosing the best floor sealant for your floors might be a difficult decision, because there are many high quality products on the market today. However, having your floors sanded and sealed with FloorWorks means that we will provide you with a professional advice based on many years of experience as we only utilise the best and most durable sealants, whether it is a type of hardwearing varnish or hardwax oil that you want.

Parquet floor sanding & restoration

Parquet Floor Restoration

We do parquet floor restoration with particular attention to details because of its unique pattern and structure. Sanding of parquet floors is a craft that brings us exclusive delight to perform. Sanded parquet floors make all the difference to a home or office and we are proud to be able to deliver this transformation from dull and worn out floors to new and full of life treasures.

Our parquet restoration service offers you the choice of finishing your floors with either lacquer or oil. Staining is also possible on parquet floors, although over the years we have noticed that this is rarely done because oak parquet floors in the natural oak colour look magnificent as they are and do not need any additional interventions such as staining. Nevertheless, some contemporary homes and offices today want to achieve different looks and if this is the case, we would be more than happy to stain your parquet floors to any desired colour. Some of the most popular colours today include grey and white, as well as black and mahogany flooring stains.

Renovation of Engineered Floors

Engineered flooring is a popular choice of floor covering today as it provides the same magnificent appearance of the natural wood as solid wood flooring, while it offers greater flexibility and higher level of tolerance to moisture and temperature variations.

Sanding engineered floors should always be approached with an exceptional level of care, because only the top layer of the floor is sandable and it has limited sanding capacity. There are thicker options on the market today which offer 6mm of top layer and can be sanded multiple times. However, the majority of engineered flooring products come with a 3mm-4mm top layer which means that they can be sanded only once or twice at a maximum. Over many years of experience in sanding engineered wood floorings we are able to distinguish between those that can be sanded and those that have come to the end of their sanding potential.

Choosing FloorWorks sanding service means that you will use the maximum of the sanding potential of your engineered floors. Depending on your specific engineered floors and whether they have been sanded before or not, our experienced and skilful floor sanders will only remove the minimum of your top layer to ensure outstanding results while also securing that other rounds of sanding will be possible in the future while.

Restoration of Stairs & Banisters

We do sanding and sealing of wooden stairs and banisters leading to complete transformation of their dull and worn out appearance. Once sanded and resealed, stairs bring an exceptional appearance and feel of the whole interior. Stairs and banisters restoration is mainly done by hand and requires a great deal of care and skills. At FloorWorks we have the necessary hand sanding materials and equipment as well as the required skills and knowledge to transform the look of your stairs and banisters.

Indicative Floor Sanding Prices

Below is an average cost for sanding and sealing wooden floors in different sized properties. Indication based on average sizes and averha price for lacquered and oiled finish.

Property Size Floor Sanding & Sealing Staining Gap fillling
2 Bedroom Flat £1000 £250 £250
3 Bedroom Flat £1400 £350 £350
3 Bedroom House w/t Staircase £2000 £350 £350

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