Project: Complete Restoration of Merbau Parquet Flooring

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Before The Works

This beautiful merbau parquet was in quite poor condition when we initially saw it. Our immediate expectations were that such an amazing floor, would have been neglected to this stage due to a fair amount repair.

Like with every parquet flooring restoration we have recommended the floors go through gap filling. The solvent based resin we use to mix with the saw dust, creates excellent bonding with the bitumen, which was used for gluing-down 50 years ago.

The blocks had gone through a fair use and had a cobblestone-like appearance. We knew, after the blocks are sanded the new parquet flooring surface will become perfectly flat and the filling will improve this new appearance further. 


How We Did It...

Not every resin filler can work well with fine abrasive grits, so for some exotic woods like the merbau we have to select a specific resin filler, that has proved with our years of experience as trustworthy product.

We have completed a thorough sanding with Bona dust-free floor sanding equipment, finishing in fine abrasive grits of 100 and buffing with 180 grit screens. 

Like most exotic woods, this merbau parquet flooring was primed with solvent-based primer to bring up the reddish colour of the wood and sealed with 3 coats of hardwearing Junckers HP Commercial UtrlaMatt lacquer.