Engineered Floor Installation

We install and match accessories for all major flooring brands including Kahrs, Boen, QuickStep, Xylo and more.

Supply & fit engineered flooring London

FloorWorks offers a professional engineered floor fitting services as well as a variety of engineered wood flooring products. Engineered flooring is a very popular choice for many home owners as well as business premises today. Engineered flooring consists of several layers with a top layer of solid wood flooring, which gives it the same natural appearance as hardwood. Due to its multi-layer construction, engineered wood is much more resistant to moisture variations. Engineered floors combine the benefits of the natural appearance of solid wood with the easy installation and higher level of flexibility and resistance of the laminate floorings. It also allows for underfloor heating installation which is a great advantage. Engineered floorings come with various thicknesses of the solid wood top layer which defined the number of standings it can accommodate. Floorings with 3-4 mm of top layer would be sanded once while those with a top layer of 5 mm and 6 mm will allow for multiple sanding rounds. Engineered flooring can be made from many different wood spices, including oak, walnut, ash, merbau etc. FloorWorks we can offer professional advice on choosing the right engineered flooring for you whether it is from the wide range of products that we offer or not.

Supply & fit engineered flooring London

Supply & Fit Engineered Flooring by FloorWorks

Engineered floorings come with a relatively easy installation system, which can be either click or tongue & groove. Nevertheless, there are some very specific aspects of the engineered floor installation process which require a great deal of experience and skills. Therefore, we recommend that you trust a reliable engineered floor installation company like FloorWorks, who offer installation service guarantee to avoid any risks of things going wrong.

Our supply and fit engineered flooring services provide a complete solution for your flooring needs. Floor laying with us will ensure that subfloors are perfectly levelled and that the appropriate engineered floor undelay installation is in place. We also do matching engineered flooring profiles fitting such as skirting boards, beadings and various thresholds to cover transition gaps between different floorings. In addition, we provide a complete engineered floor care programme for your newly installed floors to ensure their appropriate maintenance which will preserve their finish for longer.

Most engineered flooring products come pre-finished with either lacquered or oiled finish, which means that once installed they do not require additional sealing. However, if your engineered flooring is unfinished, we can provide professional sanding and finishing service as well as staining to any required colour to ensure the perfect finish.

Unique Finish for Engineered Flooring

FloorWorks provides engineered flooring finishing service should you have any particular colour and type of finish that you want to achieve. This can be done either once the unfinished flooring has been installed, or off site before the wood floor installation. We can provide samples of various colours and sealing options for you to choose from.

Popular Brands of Engineered Flooring

FloorWorks works with a wide range of flooring brands and offers supply and matching flooring profiles and accessories for many popular brands.

Boen Flooring Installation

Boen Flooring

  • Planks Installation
  • Parquet Fitting
  • Boen® Profiles
  • Stair Fitting & Nosings
  • Certificate of Installation
Kahrs Flooring Installation

Kahrs Flooring

  • Planks Laying
  • Kahrs® Profiles
  • Kahrs® Underlays
  • Stair Fitting
  • Certificate of Installation
QuickStep Flooring Installation Service

QuickStep Flooring

  • Engineered Fitting
  • Laminate Fitting
  • QuickStep© Profiles
  • QuickStep® Underlays
  • Stair Fitting

One of the leaning brands in the engineered flooring industry, offering a huge variety of products in various finishes is BOEN Engineered Flooring. Most Boen engineered wood flooring options come with 14 mm thickness and a click installation system. Over the years we have installed many Boen flooring products and we have been continuously convinced of the high quality of products.

Another floor manufacturing brand offering high quality wooden floors since 1857 is Kahrs Engineered Flooring. Today, Khars is a leader in the flooring industry with a range of flooring solutions and matching accessories. Kahrs floorings offer unique types of pre-finished engineered floors and it is always a pleasure for us to install any of their products, knowing that we are delivering a durable and reliable solution to our customers.

Other famous brands of engineered wood flooring that we are proud to supply and fit include Kersaint Cobb and Elka, which also offer carefully selected flooring products with exceptional durability and style.