Kahrs Flooring Installation Service

We are approved flooring contractor providing engineered floor fitting services for leading brands of flooring products and supplies such as Kahrs engineered floors. Kahrs is a Swedish manufacturer of a huge range of high quality three strip, two strip and single strip flooring products and matching accessories, distributed in over 50 countries around the world. They have established themselves as a global market leader, providing a selection of floorings in various sizes, thicknesses and finishes, such as lacquered, oiled, brushed, white washed, grey, brown and dark shades with outstanding quality and performance.

FloorWorks Kahrs Fitting Services

At FloorWorks we are proud to be qualified Kahrs flooring contractor offering engineered floor fitting services with 2 years’ Service Guarantee for all Kahrs ranges including Kährs Original and Kährs Supreme, Artisan, Linnea, Da Capo Collection, Domani, Chevron Collections. We share Kahrs’s passion for wooden floors and we make sure that all their products are installed as per their installation guidance for ultimate durability and performance.

Kahrs Floating Installation

Most Kahrs engineered floors can be installed as floating with the use of exceptional click fitting system called Woodloc. As a matter of fact, Kahrs was the first floor manufacturer to introduce a floating, or glue less installation system back in 1999 – the innovative Woodloc. Today, there are several variations of this Woodloc system, such as Woodloc® 5S, Woodloc® and Woodloc® 5G specifically tailored to various Kahrs products. We at FloorWorks are well familiar and experienced in fitting all Kahrs products with any of their fitting systems.

Subfloor Preparation

As with other engineered floor fitting projects, we always begin by ensuring that the subfloor is even, clean and dry. The subfloor preparation stage is essential part of any fitting job as unless it is properly done it can significantly affect any flooring product, regardless of its high quality by allowing moisture or by creating bumps and unevenness at a later stage. This often includes the installation of particular underlays to ensure that the wooden floors are well protected. Kahrs offers a range of flooring underlays such as Cellofloor, Kahrs Tuplex Kahrs Special and Kahrs Protective Underlays offering effective moisture and sound insulation.

Kahrs Floor Fitting – An Enjoyable Experience

Fitting Kahrs Floors is a privilege and joy for us. The Woodlock joint system makes it easy and simple to lay Kahrs floors. Nevertheless, we would not recommend trying to do it yourself, as this is a significant investment and unless installed properly, closely following the manufacturer’s instructions, there is a great risk of ruining the overall effect. Therefore, ger FloorWorks – a professional Kahrs installer to ensure that your precious floors are in safe hands and you can enjoy them for many years to come.