Boen Flooring Installation Service

Boen flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses due its exceptional quality combined with relatively easy installation and maintenance. Offering a huge variety of timber types, such as Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Ash and Maple and a range of finishes, such as white washed, oiled, lacquered, hand scraped, grey and many other colours, Boen Flooring provides a choice for every taste and for every interior. Furthermore, all Boen flooring products are sustainably sourced, making the company a reputable and responsible supplier.

Preparing for Boen Floor Installation

Regardless of whether it is Boen solid or engineered wood flooring, the products need to undergo the process of acclimatisation for at least 48 hours before fitting. This means, allowing the wood to stay in the same area where it will be fitted in order to adjust to the internal environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. In addition, subfloor preparation is essential to ensure that the flooring will be fitted over a perfectly even, dry and clean subfloors. This may involve the application of self levelling compound over concrete subfloors or the installation of underlays or ply wood over wooden subfloors.

Fitting Boen Flooring with FloorWorks

We are proud to be approved Boen Flooring contractor, offering installation services which follow Boen’s specific fitting guidance to ensure that their high-quality products are properly installed to last for many years. Our fitting service is available for all Boen products, including the Animoso, Andante and Finale ranges. FloorWorks Boen fitting services to residential as well as commercial premises such as educational or religious buildings, offices, retail units etc.

Floating Installation of Boen Engineered Flooring

Most Boen engineered wood products, particularly those of 14 mm thickness, are installed as “floating” with the use of their bespoke Xpress Click System. This is a unique engineered floor installation system allowing the individual planks to strongly bond together creating s very stable and secure connection. This floating fitting system also allows for the installation of moisture and sound insulating underlays, ensuring the floors durability and protection. Because of this floating installation, Boen engineered floors are also ideal for areas with underfloor heating systems.

Glue-Down Installation

All BOEN X-PRESS 5G products are glued-down to a well levelled, dry and clean subfloors. Those include the 14 mm 3-strip and 1-strip, multi-layer which come with tongue and groove fitting system. The boards are glued down to the surface with the use of speial wood floor adhesives and there is no need to glue between the tongue and the groove.

Boen Solid Wood Nail-Down Installation

The fitting of Boen solid wood products, which are 23mm thick is usually done by nailing down using a specific nail puncher, also called nail gun. The nail down fitting requires a particular skill and it is not something that can be done as a DIY job. Nails are placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor to ensure that they cannot be seen from the surface. This method is also called a secret nailing.

Finally, whatever the installation method, it is important that an expansion gap is always left between the natural wooden flooring and the walls or the edges of the room to ensure that there is a sufficient space for the natural expansion and contraction of the timber to take place.

With more than 370 years of experience, Boen is a name of creativity, innovation, and durability, offering a huge range of engineered, solid and parquet flooring to over 50 countries around the world. Our Boen floors installation services are delivered to the highest standard to ensure continuation of Boen’s legacy for delivering high quality products and services.