Project: Installation of QuickStep Creo Tennessee Oak Light Laminate Flooring

  • QuickStep Laminate Floor Fitting #1

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  • QuickStep Laminate Floor Fitting 1
  • QuickStep Laminate Floor Fitting 2
  • QuickStep Laminate Floor Fitting 3
  • QuickStep Laminate Floor Fitting 4
  • QuickStep Laminate Floor Fitting 5

Before the works

In this project we have installed QuickStep laminate flooring throughout entire area of this Clapham home.
During our free home survey, we did an inspection of the floors and discussed with the client possible flooring options, suitable for the type of their subfloor. We have also explained the role of underlays and the level of sound-proofing and insulation they can have in combination with laminate flooring.
Our client decided to go for QuickStep Creo Tennessee Oak Light Laminate Flooring over the concrete subfloor and we recommended Timbermate Excel Silver underlay with mathcing the floor QuickStep beading around perimeter.

How we did it...

The floor installation began with removal of existing carpet flooring and assessment of the sub-floor level throughout the area for installation. Any areas with movement, dips or bumps in sub-floor can cause bouncing issues with the new installation and should be resolved prior to the fitting.

As with all floating flooring installation we start with laying the underlay. The underlay plays an important role in the good flooring installation. It improves the thermal insulation of the rooms, reduces the impact noise and air-borne noise and it helps compensate minor differences in the level of the subfloor.

All our flooring installation will flow across all rooms without the need of thresholds (door bars). To do so, we may start with a main line originating from hallway or corridor, going into one or more rooms. Therefore, it is always best empty rooms of furniture as much as possible, prior to the floor works.

In this project we have removed 5 doors and trimmed their height, to allow for the new level of the floors. All doors frames were trimmed to the correct height as well and the planks were inserted below the frames.

This click system flooring is locked together on 4 sides and laid by our laminate floor fitters with an expansion gap of approx. 8 - 10 mm left on perimeter of the walls. The expansion gap in this project was covered by matching the floor scotia beading from QuickStep.

Final touch of the installation was the skillfully sized QuickStep Incizo profiles around front bathroom doors.