Stairs, Banisters & Handrails Restoration

Stripping only & stairs repair service available

Stairs, Banisters & Handrails Restoration

We strip stair steps & raisers back to real wood, and restore banisters & handrails, which have not been painted already

We restore stairs, banisters & habdrails

Restoration of stairs and banisters can have a profound effect to the interior of any home. Similarly to wooden floors, they can be sanded multiple times, renewing their shine and beauty with each renovation round. However, this is not an easy job and it requires specific skills and knowledge, as it is mainly done manually with the help of small hand tools. Stairs and banisters sanding and resealing is therefore a more labour intensive and hence more expensive than a regular sanding task.

Restoration of stairs and banisters normally follow some important steps. They are firstly sanded down to remove any trace of the existing sealant, whether it is oil based or lacquer. This is followed by the process of staining, should you desire to change the existing colour of the natural timber. Staining of stairs and banisters is often done with the purpose of matching the colour of the rest of the wooden flooring in the property, such as wooden floors in hallways or floors in living rooms and bedrooms.

If staining is not required, then stairs and banisters are directly sealed with hardwearing varnish or oils. Because stairs are normally exposed to very high levels of traffic, we normally recommend the use of commercial grade varnish, which secured durability and long lasting protection. Banisters and handrails on the other hand are preferably sealed with oils, which allows for more frequent maintenance, should this be required.

For banisters however, we recommend hardwax-oil. This finish will give the required lasting protecting, but will also make every further re-coating and restoration much easier.