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FloorWorks offers commercial floor sanding and floor fitting services to any business premises, such as Offices, Pubs, Restaurants, Retail, Church Halls, Museums and Galleries. While commercial floor restoration is not much different from home floors renovation as it is done with the same type of dust free floor sanding machines and employs similar techniques, it is worth noting that any commercial floor sanding project requires some specific considerations.  One of the main reasons for this is that while home owners can tailor the floor restoration and fitting around their own schedules, commercial floors requires careful time planning as it usually involves and affects many people, customers, and visitors.

When it comes to commercial floor sanding and installation, our main priority is to ensure a minimal disturbance to your normal day to day business while delivering magnificent results. To achieve this, we provide very flexible working arrangements, tailored to your individual needs and we are prepared to work overnight evenings and during Bank Holidays needed.

Another important aspect of our commercial floor sanding service is ensuring long-lasting results. We apply several coats of commercial grade, hard-wearing floor sealants by a leading manufacturer such as Junckers HP Commercial and Bona Traffic for not just magnificent appearance but also to ensure ultimate durability. This way, you can rest assured that regardless of the high levels of foot traffic your floors get, it will be long before they will need to be sanded again.

Wood Floor Sanding and Fitting in Schools

sport hall wood flooring after restorationOur wood floor restoration, fitting, cleaning and polishing services for Schools, Universities and other academic institutions are a popular choice for many customers, as they are delivered to an outstanding quality with and high level of flexibility to meet your timeframes and schedules. For our school floor renovation services, we use only dust free floor sanders to remove any signs of wear while protecting any furniture and maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Floors are then sealed with highly-durable. Low VOC, commercial varnishes such as Bona Traffic and Junckers HP Commercial for ultimate durability. For the restoration of sport floors in schools and other premises we also do bespoke line marking and in accordance with established standards and in line with Sport England Guidelines. We are a flooring contractor offering school and sports hall wood floor fitting services coming with a Service Guarantee, including installation of solid, parquet flooring as well as Junckers Hardwood Floors.

Sanding & Fitting Floors for Restaurants & Pubs

Wooden floors in restaurants and pubs are always exposed not only to a high volume of foot traffic but also to damages caused by multiple spills of various liquids. Therefore, when sanding wooden floors in pubs and restaurants we always take extra care to ensure that all residues of any spillages are entirely removed from the wooden floors by the sanding process before proceeding to the final step – sealing with the possibly most durable, commercial-grade wood floor sealant for ultimate appearance and performance. If the floors in your restaurant or pub are damaged beyond repair, or if you have decided to replace them, we do wood floor installation of any parquet, solid, engineered and laminate floors, including insulation fitting and any matching accessories such as beadings, skirting boards and thresholds.  All our flooring services are flexible and tailored to your availability and timeframes for yours and your customer’s greatest convenience.

Floor Sanding for Retail

Flooring Services for Retail & Offices

Retail or office floor sanding are amongst the most common floor restoration projects that we do. This is not only because those premises are exposed to a lot of traffic from visitors, but because retail owners and managers appreciate the importance of well-maintained floors for the overall image of their business. Similarly to other commercial floor sanding projects, retail and office floor renovation or wood floor fitting always requires careful planning to guarantee minimal business disruption. Whenever we have a retail floor sanding or floor fitting project, we offer very flexible working times, and this often happens overnight for the pleasant surprise of our customers when they see the astonishing results in the morning. What is specific for office floor sanding, however, is that offices contain a large amount of technology, which cannot always be taken out of the area which is to be sanded. With FloorWorks this challenge is easy to overcome as we use only dust free sanding equipment for all our projects. In addition, before any office or retail floor restoration of wood floor fitting project, we carefully ensure that any technological equipment or other valuable items are well protected and preserved from any potential damage.

Sanding & Fitting of Church Floors and Community Halls

Our restoration and wood floor fitting services are also available to any Church, or other religious institution as well as Community Halls. Tailored around your specific requirements, religious holidays and celebrations, community events etc, our flooring services can restore the previous shine and beauty of any wooden floor, including parquet blocks, finger parquet flooring, solid and engineered wood. We also do church hall fitting, following your particular specifications and needs.

Wood Floor Sanding & Fitting in Museums & Galleries

FloorWorks is a flooring contractor offering bespoke floor sanding and wood floor fitting services to Museums & Galleries across London and beyond. Many visitors come to London specifically because of its exceptional Museums and Galleries, containing some of the world’s most valuable art items. We are proud to offer services which can enhance this visitor’s experience by delivering flexible and excellent floor restoration and fitting services creating a warm and exquisite interior for your guest.

Business & Office Premises Restrictions

While at FloorWorks we are prepared to be extremely flexible and work overnight, weekends and during bank holidays, some business premises have specific operational restrictions and noise restrictions which we always take into consideration when planning our commercial floor sanding projects. We also take into consideration and follow any particular Health and Safety, Regulatory Standards and any other specific requirements you may have.

Whatever your commercial floor sanding needs and whatever the business-specific requirements, rest assured that FloorWorks has the solution and your commercial floors will look as good as new in no time and for many years to come!

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