Hardwood Floors Renovation

Hardwood flooring is a great and healthy choice for most interior environments. It has no grout lines, fibres, and embossing, which can trap pollen, dust, animal dander, allergens, and particles that usually occur with carpets. The greatest advantage of solid wood floors is their potential for multiple sanding rounds. This means that they can be restored several times and continue to look as good as new for many years.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

But, what about when there are problems in your hardwood flooring? Will you completely replace it? Well, the replacement will cost a lot! Yes, you may not have the budget at hand to fix it! So, what to do? The easiest solution to this problem is the restoration of hardwood flooring, which is likewise the most affordable method.

FloorWorks hardwood restoration services offer a flexible, affordable and reliable solution, coming with a service guarantee. We first sand the floors with dust free floor sanding machine in order to remove the current sealant and achieve a smooth finish. This is then followed by the application of several coats of hardwearing varnish or hard wax oil to ensure long lasting protection of the timber.

Hardwood Floor Gap Filling & Floor Staining

The process of gap filling and staining often go together with our solid wood restoration projects. Gap filling provides additional draught insulation and more uniform appearance while staining transforms the natural wood appearance in the desired colour and shade.

 Once restored, it is very important that floors are regularly cleaned and polished to maintain their beauty for longer.


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