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Flooring Profiles & Accessories

FloorWorks offers a complete range of supply and fit services of matching flooring profiles and accessories for all types of floors. Profiles and accessories fitting is an inevitable part of any solid, engineered, parquet and laminate floor fitting project.

Flooring Pofiles

Flooring profiles include various skirting boards, beadings, thresholds and reducers that are used to complement wooden floors and laminates in order to provide a complete and more appealing appearance. Flooring profiles come in various width and length. Here are some of the accessories that are often used with solid, engineered, parquet and laminate floor fitting services:


Solid and laminate flooring profiles & door bars

    This accessory of T-shape is used when joining the flooring or floorboards which are of the same height. For eg: T-shaped is used in the kitchen or bathrooms.


    A reducer is a slope-shaped accessory and is often used for joining different types of floorings such where the height is between 15-20mm and it is generally applied in kitchen bathrooms, halls.


    This accessory is also a kind of sloping shape and is used for joining different types of floorings that have a difference of 7mm in height. It is mainly applied in the kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms.


    This accessory has a closed shape and is used at the edges of the plank to cover the edges. Often used for framing the fireplace hearts, landings or garden doors.


    This accessory is used for covering the nosing of stair steps to cover any gaps and provide the perfect finish. We highly recommend QuickStep, as they provide unique solutions for stairs and stair nosings available in various colours.


They are an ideal and perfect solution for giving a compete finish around the radiator pipes.

Skirting Boards

These are tall decorative mouldings that are fitted around the walls to cover the expansion gap that is left between the wooden floor and the wall and to provide a complete finish.

Skirting boards types supplied by Floorworks

Scotia & Quadrant Beading

Also called wood floor trims, beadings are smaller profiles also used to cover the gaps between the wooden or laminate floors and to provide an elegant finish to any interior.

Scotia and Quadrant Beading Types

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