Junckers Floor Installation

Supply & Fit Junckers FlooringFloors and its finishing matters for any of the sports, residential or commercial's place. The floor is something that gives support to the daily routine of people. So, ruff and tough floors are a necessity for the daily life of people as well as buildings and infrastructure. The floors are finished with many materials. They can be applied installation with any material such as wood, ceramic, tiles, etc.

One can install the floor as per the interior they choose. But it is not everyone's cup of tea to normally DIY the flooring by themselves.

At a certain point for durable and long-lasting roof, one needs an expert's advice and services to install the flooring in their residential, commercial or sports area and their interior. The only reason to hire expert service is that it would be convenient and provide a long-lasting effect of flooring on their valuable assets. Cost and services quality pops into mind while thinking about hiring best floor installing services for residential, commercial or sports halls. Cost-effective and excellent quality services are always at the prior list while searching for floor installation service.

Junckers Floor Installation Services is one of the best floor installation services that one can surely rely on and choose for their residential, commercial and sports hall, etc. The quality services that they provide will surely give you satisfactory results and are impressed that too at an affordable price!

Junckers Flooring

Junckers is a Europe’s leading manufacturer and services provider of solid wood flooring for almost all the segments. Not only manufacturing the wooden floors but also providing the best quality solid wood flooring installation services for commercials, residential, sports hall, etc is the company motto.

As the wood that you want to install for your valuable asset is manufactured at Denmark and Danish craftsmanship. You will surely receive the optimum amount of quality wood, durability, assurance, and satisfaction by hiring their floor installation services.

Along with quality services, one gets expert's services and assistance to technically know the flooring treatment for their commercials, residents, etc. Junckers offer solid hardwood floor system made of the finest quality to many of the countries around the world. At FloorWorks we poundly offer Junckers floor fitting services  for sports hall, residents, corporates, public buildings, etc delivering a long lasting luxury.

Why Junckers?

Junckers have a long experience of manufacturing solid hardwood floors since the 1930's. Solid wood goes with any commercial and residential interior and with Juncker's solid wood flooring installation, one will surely experience luxury floors for their place.

Junckers offer three types of floor installation methods. They are Clip system, Glue system and level 78+ batten system to fix and install a premium and high-quality solid wood to your flooring that will serve you for long lasting years.

Fitting: The Clips System

Juncker's clip system and Junckers floor layers are easy to install into place into the underside of the board, along with keeping floorboards together.

All the wood floors manufactured by Junckers can be laid "floating" on the floor fixing with the help of clips and they are best fit for commercials as well as residential. This also means that Junckers flooring allows for installation over underfloor heating.

Installation & Restoration of Junckers FlooringFitting: Glue-Down Installation

Under the glue system, all the Junckers floor layers can be bonded to any concrete or wooden materials. This system is ideal for open places where sound needs to be minimized. The wood flooring is glued with Junckers parquet adhesive.

This system is ideal not only for residents but also for commercials premisses.

Fitting: Using Battens

With the batten instalaltion system, step sound reduction pad is installed under the wedges and then clicked onto battens, specially developed for sound insulation in multiple-storey infrastructure resulting into reduction of step sounds on the floor.  

Junckers for Sport Floors

Junckers floors are the idel choice not only for  Not only commercial and resident but our solid wood flooring installation services are used for the sports hall and grounds also. We also offer flooring installation for the gym, sports, basketball court, volleyball court, squash courts, racquet courts, etc. Not only outdoor sports floor but also indoor sports flooring installation services are provided by our brand. After all, sports is a platform and place where the basic and significant requirement is tough flooring. So, with the solid wood floor installation service by certified junckers fitters will give you the safe and durable floor to play on.

Heavy Duty with Low-Cost Maintenance

Our solid wooden floors are very easy to clean, maintain and they can be easily repaired whenever needed. You can keep this flooring of solid wood new till a very long time only by applying a daily sweep and cleaning it. For keeping it long term shining and durable, one might apply a sanding service on the solid wood flooring to give a fresh shining when needed. With certified junckers fitters service you just need to lean back and relax! As our experts will provide you the best floor services at a low cost and low maintenance cost resulting in high durability.

Junckers & FloorWorks

As a Juncker's experts with years of experience we can provide the perfect quote for your floor installing service. You will get accurate measurements to cover your floor with solid wood flooring along with ensuring that your Junckers floors are fitted as per the manufacturer instructions and coming with a service guarantee. So, trust the experts and choose our service for your new Junckers flooring.