Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is a popular choice with a variety of different products available today. While laminate flooring is not a real wood flooring and consists of layers of fibre board with a veneer on top, it is the perfect imitation of solid wood to an extend where it is sometimes difficult for unprofessional person to distinguish between laminates and natural wood products.

Laminate flooring installation London

Laminates are available in different finishing effects, including wood floor effects, natural stone effect, terracotta, and parquet patterns. Laminates have achieved a wide popularity not only because of their natural appearance, but also due to their high level of resistance and durability and fairly easy and quick installation. Due to their melamine wear layer, laminates are also harder than natural wood and more scratch resistant, making laminate floorings exceptionally durable. Because laminates are artificially made and do not contain natural wood, they are also much cheaper to supply and install compared to other floor coverings. However, a significant disadvantage of laminate floors over real wood floorings is that once scratched or damaged, they cannot be repaired or sanded and in most cases an overall replacement would be required.

Fitting Laminate Flooring

While laminate floors are relatively easy to install, we would always recommend the use of a professional laminate fitting company rather than DIY unless you are experienced and skilful floor fitter. This is because laminate floor fitting is not just a matter of arranging the floorboards but is also involves other important steps such as subfloor preparation and insulation fitting which can cause a great deal of problems unless they have been properly done.

Most laminate floors are installed with the use of a click system, where one board clicks into another, which avoids the need of any adhesives or nails. Laminates can be installed over both concrete and floorboards subfloors. Depending on the type of the subfloor and appropriate underlay is usually recommended to protect the flooring from any moisture and to provide additional sound and draft insulation.

FloorWorks floor fitters are well experienced in laminate floor fitting and while this is a less complicated thing to do, compared to parquet floor fitting, engineered and hardwood floor installation, we would always approach any project with the same level of care and responsibility.

We also have the necessary laminate floor fitting tools and accessories to ensure complete service, including skirting boards or beadings installation and trimming of doors, where needed.

Our Laminate Flooring Recommendation

Our laminate flooring fitting goes below door frames

FloorWorks offers a wide variety of laminate flooring options from leading manufacturers, including QuickStep, Balterio and Lifestyle ranges. We trust these brands as we have many years of experience in laying their laminate floors and they have proven their quality and durability.

QuickStep is a leading brand providing exceptional quality of products with a huge variety of matching accessories. One of the leaders in the laminate flooring industry, QuickStep laminates offer a very high level of scratch resistance and moisture resistance making them suitable for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. With a huge variety of products, there is hardly any wood or stone finishing effect laminate that is not available in their ranges. Quick-Step click fitting system is easy to apply and provides stability and durability. With a complete flooring solutions, they also offer a range of maintenance products to complement Quick-Step laminate floorings.

Egger is another laminate flooring manufacturer, which we would highly recommend due to their attractive and durable surface structure and easy installation system. Plenty of laminate flooring options include various wood and stone effects, offering different textures and finishes.

Similarly, Lifestyle Floors is another manufacturer of high quality laminates focusing on exceptional performance, appealing look and high level of durability. Lifestyle products are also affordable without compromising the quality of products