Project: Parquet Floor Sanding in Central London Hotel

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Before The Works

The parquet flooring in the Spa area of this prestige Central London hotel required some extensive repairs and restoration after an old water leak and the use of large rubber matting, which has trapped the moisture under floors for a long time.

In this busy London hotel, the Spa facilities close late in the evening and re-open early in the morning. Our team had a short window of time to deliver the repairs, sanding, staining and sealing the floors. The parquet floor renovation was successfully completed with night visits to reduce to minimum the inconvenience for the guests and the staff of the hotel.

How We Did It...

Prior to start of the works our team approved the stain colour, with the client in order to deliver a close match to the existing floors and existing hotel interior.

The complete parquet floor renovation of the floors spread over 4 nights in the quietest days of the week for the restaurant, starting with an extensive parquet flooring repair covering approx. 8 sqm of the floors.

The parquet floor repairs included cleaning of the subfloor and the blocks from a mix of old adhesives, prior to gluing-down with bitumen-compatible adhesive.

The entire area was gap filled to give the floors an extra level of solidness. Gap filling is highly recommended for parquet blocks, especially for heavily maintained with liquid cleaning agents floors, as the resin filler reduces gaps and keep moisture to the surface and away from the base and adhesives.

Finally, the oak parquet flooring floors were stained with Morrells Plum Mahogany and Bona Traffic HD in Matt sheen, a highly durable commercial grade water-based PU lacquer.