Project: Restoration of 3-Strip Engineered Oak Flooring

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Before The Works

Engineered floor restoration is an excellent way to remove existing scratches and to renew the beautiful look of your floors. This floor sanding and varnishing project in Central London was an excellent example of how floor restoration should be done.

How We Did It...

Sanding engineered flooring should always be done with extreme care as there is only limited number of sandings that can be done. This is because only the top layer of engineered flooring consists of natural wood and it is indeed only the very top layer that can be sanded and resealed. It is ofthen the case that the top layer of the engineered flooring is only 3 mm thick which means that it can only be saded once ot twice at most. Our skilful and professional floor sanders did an excellent job with this 3-strip engineered flooring in Central London which brought joy and pleaseure to both our customers and us