Project: Fitting of Painswick Rustic Engineered Oak Parquet Flooring

  • Completed works #1

  • Completed works #2

  • Completed works #3

  • Plied subloor #4

  • Before the works #5

  • Completed works 1
  • Completed works 2
  • Completed works 3
  • Plied subloor 4
  • Before the works 5

Before The Works

This small project comprised of fitting of 14 mm thick oak engineered parquet flooring and solid oak scotia beading around.

Before the glue-down installation of the new flooring, we had to lay 12 mm plywood on top of the original floorboards as a start. 

Parquet flooring requires smooth, solid and level surface before going down.

How We Did It...

The new flooring was laid over plied subfloor and fitted as in single herringbone parquet flooring pattern. The glue-down installation guarantees the relatively thin engineered wood block, to sustain any humidity and temperature changes.

Additional works were required to level out the parquet flooring against the tiles in adjacent room and the connection was made with same type of timber threshold, available in the other rooms in the property to keep similarity.