Project: Oak Parquet Floor Installation & Finishing in Walnut Stain

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  • colour samples on unfinished oak #5

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  • after 1
  • after 2
  • after 3
  • after 4
  • colour samples on unfinished oak 5
  • during 6
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Before The Works

Our initial survey had the task of restoring a pine parquet flooring in this Wandswoth terraced property. Due to other ongoing plumbing works, most of the parquet flooring however was removed in the process. The amount of flooring to be refitted and damage made to the subfloor, made it impossible to relay the blocks without making proper correction to the subfloor level first.

The plan has shifted into the supply of new 20 mm oak flooring to be stained in walnut or similar colour, to match the colour of walnut flooring in rest of the house.

How We Did It...

To correct the level, application of SLC was made over a section of the floors to reduce difference caused by a more significant local dip.

A combination of 12 mm and 9 mm plywood was laid throughout the ground floor fixed securely in the concrete subfloor to provide a smooth, solid base for a new herringbone installation.

The parquet flooring was laid with double-border around the perimeter and colour samples prepared for the client to approve prior to the application of matt waterbase lacquer.

The original skirting boards were too low to take 12 mm ply and 20 mm block, so new 120 mm bullnose skirting boards was installed throughout the ground floor.