Project: Nail-Down Installation of Solid Oak Flooring

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Before The Works

Installation of the new hardwood floors is a special moment for our customers as much as it is for us. It always brings us pleasure when we see the damaged and dull old floors replaced by new or restored to stunning new home jewels.

For this project in Wandsworth the restoration of the existing floorboards was not possibles, due to the extend of damage and remaining thickness of the existing original pine boards. Therefore installation of new floors was required and the client prefered to keep a rustic warm look throughout the property by going for a wide, oiled solid oak plank.

How We Did It...

The installation went with initial refitting of the original boards, followed by a secret nail-down installation of the new solid oak flooring into the existing pine floorboards.

Perfectly plastered and decorated walls were fitted with low profile solid oak skirting board through.