Project: White-Washed Engineered Flooting Installation

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Before The Works

Main focus of this small project was to replace existing carpet flooring with wooden floors.

The clients were after removing tiled floors in part of the property as well, but after some consideration they have decided to keep the tiles.

The client had initially ordered solid oak flooring, however upon receiving more details about both - engineered and hardwood floors, they switched the product to engineered - wide, 14 mm thick plank.

The reasons for their choice:


How We Did It...

In projects like this one, where replacement of the flooring is the only renovation in the property, it is important for the work to be completed without affecting other elements of the interior.

With every installation of real wood flooring an expansion gap is left around the perimeter. This gap is naturally covered when a new skirting boards is installed, but if such is not replaced, a beading profile is installed to cover that gap.

The client went for white pre-finished scotia beading, which matched with the colour of their skirting boards, so no touch ups were further required.

We have carefully selected  profiles to enable smooth transition between the new 14 mm wooden flooring and existing tiles.

For the subfloor, we have recommended Duralay Timbermate Excel Silver underlay, which offers good impact sound insulation and a membrane, which will protect the timber floors from the concrete subfloors.

To avoid for as long as possible re-oiling of the floors, our recommendation for maintenance of these beautiful pale, white-oiled rustic boards floors is for cleaning with Bona Spray Mop for Oiled Floors, or Osmo Spray Mop.