Questions about Parquet Flooring Restoration

  • M Logan

    Romford, 2019

    Can You Use Reclaimed Parquet Blocks to Replace Fireplace Heart?

    I have parquet flooring in my house, which needs some repairs and sanding. In the living room we have a fireplace heart which needs to be removed and replaced with parquet blocks matching the flooring...

  • N Hamilton

    Romford, 2019

    Can You Install Parquet Flooring Over Underfloor Heating?

    I am thinking if installing parquet flooring in my house, but I am not sure if I can have underfloor heating under it?...

  • P Kody

    Luton, 2019

    Do You Fit Reclaimed Pine Floorboards?

    I have carpet flooring in my house fitted over concrete subfloors. I want to remove it and have reclaimed pine floorboards fitted throughout.  Can You help?...

  • S Murray

    Surrey, 2019

    Do You Fit Reclaimed Parquet Blocks?

    I have some reclaimed parquet flooring blocks with black resin on the back, can you fit them for me?  ...