Questions about Wood Floor Finishing & Staining

  • Amy

    Staffordshire, 2022

    Make Teak Parquet Flooring Colour Lighter or Keep It Natural

    Hi there,  I am restoring my parquet floor. I have been told that it is teak. When it is sanded down, it goes a lovely light colour, but as soon as I put lacquer on it to seal it, it turns an or...

  • Mellissa

    Winona, Minnesota, 2022

    Oak Stained in Dark Red Wood Base and White Grain Effect

    Hello! I'm in love with this dark red wood and white grain effect: Can you tell me how you achie...

  • R Trent

    Barking, 2019

    Can You Restore 3-Strip Engineered Wood Flooring?

    I have 3-strip engineered oak flooring which desperately needs sanding. It is currently lacquered, but I was wondering if it can be sanded and oiled instead?...

  • Z Scott

    Croydon, 2019

    What is the Best Finish for Parquet Flooring?

    We have decided to restore the parquet flooring and we need advice on the type of varnish or oil that would be most durable?...

  • W Tucker

    Bormley, 2019

    How can I Do a Whitewashed Finish on My Wooden Floors?

    Hi, I have engineered wood flooring in my bedroom which had whitewashed effect. In some areas there are patches where the whitewashed effect has completely gone and I can see the original wood colour...

  • P Starling

    Watford, 2019

    Can you Repair Blobs on My Recently Varnished Wooden Floors?

    I recently sanded and varnished my wooden floors myself. I then noticed some blobs appearing and I am not sure how to repair this?...

  • R Johnson

    Dagenham, 2019

    Can You Restore Engineered Wood Flooring by Clean and Polish?

    I have engineered wood flooring with several scratches on it, I am not confident it can be sanded as it has already been restored once in the past. Can you clean and polish to restore its shine and av...

  • S Thornton

    Barnet, 2019

    Is Lacquer Finish better than Hardwax-Oil for My Pine Floorboards?

    I have pine floorboards in my house, which I want to restore. Would you recommend sealing floorbaords with varnsih or oil? ...