Waxing, Re-oiling & Polishing in Belgravia

Re-coating service for your wooden floors in SW1

Waxing, Re-oiling & Polishing Wooden Floors in Belgravia?


At Floorworks, we specialise in [[revitalising|renovating] the wooden floors at your home or working space in Belgravia with our expert waxing, re-oiling, and polishing services. Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to restoring the natural beauty & prolong the durability of your floors.

Using high-quality products and advanced techniques, we ensure a flawless finish that enhances the appeal and longevity of your wood surfaces. Whether it's routine re-oiling or a complete makeover, we cater to all your wooden floor care needs with precision & care, leaving your floors looking lovely and protected for years to come. Experience the transformation with Floorworks and enjoy floors that express elegance & charm.

Our years of expertise in floor renovations has designed an aftercare service, which provides effective wood floor refreshing to parquet flooring, hard wood and engineered wood floors. Cleaning and polishing are flooring maintenance procedures, which provide efficient repair and preservation of the wood floor sealant and ensure a longer lasting protection of the timber.

Buffing & Re-Oiling Oiled Wooden Floors

Wooden floors sealed with oil-based finish require regular re-coating. On-time re-oiling of wooden floors removes light signs of wear, covers light scratches and maintains the beauty and shine of the floors. Our wood re-waxing service provides the ultimate protection of any oiled floors with the application of highly effective and protective hardwax-oil and maintenance oil products from Osmo, Bona, Woca and others.

Cleaning & Polishing Varnished Wooden Floors

Wooden floors sealed with varnish can last for many years until another sanding is required. However, they require proper maintenance and periodical cleaning and polishing to prolong the life of the existing sealant. Unless the sealant is regularly refreshed by cleaning and polishing, it can quickly appear dull and worn out. Our maintenance services provide thorough cleaning to remove any particles and dirt, followed by application of a product like "Bona Floor Polish" for re-coating of varnished timber floors. Take advantage of our floor care services in Belgravia to ensure continuous protection for your floors.

Re-coating for Lacquered Floors

Sometimes, when wooden floors are renovated and have not gone through excessive wearing & traffic yet, it may be possible to be top-coated without the need of completed restoration again. This is best to be carried out by the same services supplier, which did the restoration of the floors, and at Floorworks we offer this as a service. Call us for advice & help.


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Why Choose Our Floor Renovation and Floor Installation Services?

Choosing Floorworks for your floor restoration or wood floor installation and floor cleaning means that you choose not just a professional flooring service provider, but a reliable and long-lasting partner. Our outstanding flooring services are complemented by:

  • Friendly customer service, which guarantees enjoyable customer experience.
  • We offer home surveys in 6 days of the week, by professional wood flooring surveyors.
  • Well-experienced and fully insured floor fitters and floor sanding experts.
  • We provide Service Guarantee - labour and materials on our installation services.
  • Free advice on floor finishing products, services and floor maintenance.

What Commercial Services We Do In Belgravia?

For our business clients commercial flooring services to the highest industry standards. We have many local commercial floors with excellent customer satisfaction rate. Today we continue to provide outstanding commercial flooring services to:

Whatever the type of flooring and whatever the need for flooring service, contact Floorworks today, regardless of the size of the project.

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