Advanced Guide to Floor Sanding Machines

Advanced Guide to Floor Sanding Machines

Floor sanding is a significant process used to remove the top surfaces of the wood floors by sanding with specialized materials known as “Abrasives.” Using the floor sanding machines, also known as “Sanders,” you can sand a variety of flooring types such as solid wood, engineered wood and parquet flooring. There are many benefits of the sanding process for hardwood floors in your home. Using this process, you can easily refresh your floors and make them look as good as new.

In this article, we will tell you about the different floor sanding machines. Let’s take a look at them!

Bona Belt Sander

Bona Belt Sander is a powerful machine capable of dealing with the most difficult jobs. Many sanding companies use this machine because it provides durability and reliability. You can simply adjust the machine for optimum performance. While in use, you can dismantle it easily to aid transportation.

The Bona Belt Sander also comes with transport wheels, which can be used optionally, depending on your requirements and/or needs. It is a good hassle free tensioning device, which means that by using it, you also eliminate the problem of manual belt tensioning. Precision lowering and lifting of the sanding drum likewise makes this machine amazingly user-friendly

Bona Edger

The Bona Edger is also a powerful machine. The good news is that it is a lightweight sander, which gives incredible reliability and durability. With dust pick-up, the machine can easily get the job done without causing any mess. In order to further improve the working conditions, you can fit the Bona edger with a powerful lamp. The height of the wheel can be adjusted simply, which makes this machine easy to set up for the most optimum performance. You can also use Velcro-backed or standard abrasive discs.

Lagler Floor Sander

For over five decades, Lager Company is revolutionizing and shaping floor sanding technology with their machine development concepts. Lagler belt sander is one of the pioneering innovations of the company. The machine stands for both functional and ergonomic standards. This machine is easy to handle, can be maintained easily and meet stringent safety and environmental requirements.

It comes with life-long technology, which is perfect for the process of sanding. Its superior quality, as well as enormous machine power, make it the number one and undisputed system for parquet floor finishing. In addition, the combination of the aggressive sanding drum, belt tensioning device, and 3-stage regulation of drum pressure guarantees quick and optimum work with highest sanding quality. It is economical and perfect sanding for both large and small areas, and even you can use it in critical areas, for instance, as mosaic inlays with the softwood.

Lagler Edge Sander

The Lager sander comes with innovative technology and well-optimized ergonomic design. It has a wide wheelbase, which ensures guidance and stability. The guide is adjusted vertically and fitted with the swiveling handle. You will also find an additional handle, which in most models are located near the sanding disc. It is used for compromising control, for instance, in a kneeling or upright position.