Osmo Polyx Hardwax-Oil

Osmo Polyx Hardwax-Oil

Osmo Polyx Oil is an ideal and versatile oil for a wide variety of wood works. It can be tinted with a variety of colours, for instance, from the range of Osmo Oil stain up to a max level of 10%. It is important to know that you need to be very careful when measuring and mixing.

Cabinets and wood floors are very beautiful when you finish or maintain them appropriately. In order to protect the floor wood and give it a good shine, you can do this with Osmo Polyx Oil. You can easily apply this oil and the good news is that it will harden in a good way as it cures. Clean and smooth the wood floor before you scrub the Osmo Polyx Oil into it.

We do re-oiling of wooden floorsMake sure that the first coat is dried completely before applying another coat of Osmo Polyx Oil. You allow sufficient time for this oil to dry before you put down any rugs and overings.

When it comes to the protection of wood products, the choice is really simple. You need to choose the one that is free from harsh chemicals and/or easy to work with. Osmo Polyx Oil is made from natural, renewable ingredients, which can be easily applied with a brush. You can also use the floor finish machine.

When wooden floors are used indoors, it can be subjected to wear and tear. Therefore, regular cleaning and reoiling and occasional wood floor sanding is required to ensure continuous protection of the timber. So, it needs to be protected while making sure that the original or natural properties/characteristics of the wooden floor, which are usually not impaired. For wooden floors, this specifically made oil is the favorite product of many specialists who want to finish the floor cleanly while giving it a good shine.

Osmo Polyx oil is highly favorable for unglazed tiles, cabinets, wood trim, and furniture. This oil is manufactured in a high-quality facility under careful observation and inspection of qualified professionals who, at the same time, take into consideration high quality natural raw materials.

Moreover, it is important to know that Osmo Polyx oil is highly customizable to the natural characteristics and/or properties of the wooden floor. Unlike polyurethane, the Osmo Polyx Oil do not form a plastic film. The reason behind this is the open pores, which allows the wooden floor to sustain its stability and elasticity.

Let us now tell you the most significant advantages of the Osmo Polyx Oil. This includes the preservation of the wooden floor elegance, feel, as well as look. So, when you apply this oil to your wooden floor at home, it will look like real wood. In other words, your wooden floor will appear before your eyes like it was in its original state. Furthermore, the other advantage of using Osmo Polyx Oil is that you won’t be facing trouble that is caused by the plastic coating.

Additionally, you can only apply two thin coats and your wooden floor will look exactly the way you want it to be. Therefore, Osmo Polyx oils are the ideal sealant for wooden floors, providing long-lasting protection and appealing natural appearance.