Project: Installation of Solid Oak Parquet Flooring Over Concrete

  • Solid Oak Parquet Flooring 70x280x16 mm #1

  • Solid Oak Parquet Flooring 70x280x16 mm #2

  • Solid Oak Parquet Flooring 70x280x16 mm #3

  • Application of liquid DPM #4

  • Application of Smoothing Compound #5

  • Before the works #6

  • Before the works #7

  • Solid Oak Parquet Flooring 70x280x16 mm 1
  • Solid Oak Parquet Flooring 70x280x16 mm 2
  • Solid Oak Parquet Flooring 70x280x16 mm 3
  • Application of liquid DPM 4
  • Application of Smoothing Compound 5
  • Before the works 6
  • Before the works 7

Before The Works

The main challenge in this parquet flooring fitting project in Islington, London was to deliver a herringbone installation over concrete, keeping the new surface level as low as possible, due to the lower level in adjacent kitchen area.

During the planning it was already identified that the subfloor will require some levelling with smoothing compound and therefore, instead of going for the standard 22 mm thick classic oak block, we decided to accept some compromise with selecting a 16 mm thick block. This would allow making a transition against the lower kitchen floors with a standard 20 mm solid oak ramp profile.

Before the installation, we also applied a quick drying coat of liquid DPM from F-Ball.

How We Did It...

The installation of this parquet flooring went with a single-herringbone  pattern and withoutborder around the perimeter within a hallway and living room space.

After the fill-up of the wall-to-wall herringbone pattern in this glue-down installation, the team carefully completed the finish around the walls and staircase base and enture floor was prepared with gap filling and sanding for final coats of waterbased lacquer.

This beautiful parquet flooring flooring in rustic oak grade was sealed with Bona Mega lacquer in matt sheen.