Project: Replacement of Herringbone Oak Parquet Flooring

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  • after the SLC application #4

  • levelling compound application #5

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  • after 1
  • after 2
  • after 3
  • after the SLC application 4
  • levelling compound application 5
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  • clean subfloor 7
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Before The Works

The restoration of a beautiful pine parquet flooring laid on the ground floor of Muswell Hill property was originally planned with a major repair work. About 30% of the flooring blocks, which were repaired about 15 years ago, had become loose again and required refitting prior to the restoration.

While removing and preparing the blocks for refitting, it became evident that many of the blocks were coming out together with parts of the surface of the subfloor. This was due to the fact that a self-leveling compound (SLC) used during the previous repairs did not properly bond to the concrete base.

This unfortunate fact made the repairs impossible and as parquet blocks require solid and smooth subfloor base, it was decided that such will be laid and new blocks in herringbone pattern will be laid on top.

To salvage the existing blocks by cleaning and removing all hard residue from bottom of the blocks, was unproportionate in cost compared to supply of new blocks. Pine blocks are no longer available on the market, so the supply was looking to achieve similar look with oak blocks in similar size to the existing blocks.

How We Did It...

After removing all existong blocks, the surface was carefully cleaned to remove any residue of adhesives, bitumen and dust.

The new level was prepared with low odour, fast setting and drying, two-component smoothing agent, particularly suitable for use over old adhesive residues (including bitumen and carpet tile tackifiers) without the need for priming.

Moisture measurements were taken prior to continuing the works on following day, to assure subfloor moisture is in the acceptable levels.

The herringbone parquet flooring installation went with double border around the perimeter.

Upon completion of the fitting, floors were gap filled and samples of Satin and Matt finish were made for clients to choose the sheen for their floors.