• M Logan

    Romford, 2019

    Can You Use Reclaimed Parquet Blocks to Replace Fireplace Heart?

    I have parquet flooring in my house, which needs some repairs and sanding. In the living room we have a fireplace heart which needs to be removed and replaced with parquet blocks matching the flooring in the rest of the room. Can you help?

    • Mr Sanders

      Thank you for contacting us regarding parquet flooring restoration.

      Fireplace heart removal and extension with reclaimed parquet blocks is one of our regular services accompanying parquet floor repairs and renovation. We are able to supply additional reclaimed parquet blocks, matching the size of your flooring and use them to re-stich the parquet flooring once the fireplace heart is removed.  After the floor extension, a complete sanding and re-varnishing will provide a beautiful and new look to your parquet flooring and there will be no trace of the fireplace heart.