• Z Scott

    Croydon, 2019

    What is the Best Finish for Parquet Flooring?

    We have decided to restore the parquet flooring and we need advice on the type of varnish or oil that would be most durable?

    • Mr Sanders

      Parquet flooring can be sealed with both hard wearing varnish or hard wax oil. Therefore, choosing between lacquers and oil-based wood floor finishes can be challenging. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both that you need to be aware in order to make an informed decision. The most appropriate product usually depends on the type of flooring and the intensity of its use as well as the desired appearance effect.

      For floors exposed to high level of foot traffic, we always recommend floor varnishes as they provide a a ticker layer and hence a higher level of protection and durability. For our floor sanding and varnishing projects we always use water based varnishes such as Bona Mega or Bona Traffic, Loba and Junchers HP Commercial which are hard wearing and long-lasting. There are also solvent based varnishes on the market,  which provide even thicker protective layer, but are less applicable to the residential premises  due to their strong odour and their slow drying time

      Alternatively, oil-based wood finishes provide a more natural feel and appearance, but they require more frequent maintenance in order to maintain the protection of the timber. We recommend Osmo Polyx hardwax-oil products, which is a popular choice for our dust-free parquet restoration service.

      Whether you choose hardwearing varnish or oil-based sealant for your floors, make sure that you sand the flooring to a perfect and smooth finish before the sealant is applied.